JTM began teaching ONLINE EMT training programs in 2006, well before any other company even thought about it. JTM is now the most trusted provider of ONLINE EMT programs in the world! Before you try another, give our registrations office a call and see what sets us far apart from our competitors.

JTM is trusted to teach medical classes to combat hardened soldiers going onto the battlefield. Now, we are also able to convey those live-saving techniques to first responders in the civilian setting with a NEW COURSE called TACTICAL EMERGENCY CASUALTY CARE (TECC). Contact us to see why this course is absolutely necessary for survival in today’s violent public settings.

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“Great course! Enjoyed it and it was an educational, thorough and relevant course. Would definitely come through again.” – Andrew D./USAF PJ

JTM Training Group

JTM prides itself in maintaining the highest possible level of medical education, which is based upon civilian regulations, standards, licensing and protocols.

JTM has adapted its unique and challenging training programs to fully embrace the current challenges faced by police, EMS and fire department professionals.

Training products provided to our military customers focus on the operation, function and deployment of specialized military personnel, team tactics and other appropriate ground-training demands.

“You exceeded any and all expectations” McIntyre/PSS/EMT-P

JTM Training Group